I Need a Roof – The Mighty Diamonds (1979)

“A patchwork quilt of a song, but one so skillfully stitched together that the result is a flowing blanket of great beauty. The Revolutionaries lay down a rockers-style accompaniment, even as the brass section solos with ‘Ol’ Man River.’ That wouldn’t be so odd if the Mighty Diamonds weren’t at the same time refraining parts of the melody from ‘Right Time.’ Donald ‘Tabby’ Shaw is praying for a roof over his head and bread on his table, recalling Marcus Garvey’s words along the way. The lyrics are simple, but Shaw’s impassioned delivery and Fitzroy ‘Bunny’ Simpson and Lloyd ‘Judge’ Ferguson’s ephemeral harmonies imbue the song with soul. Producer JoJo Hookim pulls it all together, and the result is a melody-drenched, bouncy yet moody single that was another major Jamaican hit for the group from 1975. Although not released as a single in the U.K., it was bundled onto the group’s debut album the following year.”
allmusic (Video)

YouTube: I Need A Roof b/w Version, U Roy Feat The Mighty Diamonds – I Need A Roof (2001)

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