Sound of Channel One: The King Tubby Connection

“This two-disc set could almost be marketed as a roots reggae textbook, with its program of excellent examples of both secular and religious reggae recorded at the legendary Channel One studio by two of the finest engineers in reggae history (JoJo Hookim and Phillip Smart) under the direction of reggae’s greatest producer (King Tubby), who also provides dub versions of all tracks. Although not all of the singers are big names — reggae fans will know Delroy Wilson and Larry Marshall, but few are likely to have heard of either Prince Pompidou or Badoo — the quality of the music itself is remarkably consistent. Prince Pompidou’s ’70 Times 7′ is a classic of didactic deejay Rastafarianism, Calvin Stuart delivers the equally stern ‘Babylon a Turn Dem Back’ and Desmond Irie contributes the very dread ‘Babylon You Must Go Down.’ The big names keep things a bit more secular: Wilson does trademark love songs like ‘You Have My Heart’ and ‘Stop Look What You’re Doin” and Marshall performs ‘Nanny Goat.’ Although it’s Wilson and Marshall that contribute the best singing (Stuart’s is especially weak), not even amateurish vocals can drag down these powerful grooves. Highly recommended. ”
Roots Archives

YouTube: Calvin Stuart & King Tubby – Babylon a Turn Dem Back + Dub, Dub You Must Go Down, Calvin Stuart & King Tubby – The Alphabet Song + Dub, King Tubby – Stop Look Dub, Headlines Dub


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