Big Youth – Screaming Target (1973)

“Achieving his first success on wax with ‘S 90 Skank’ for producer Keith Hudson in 1972, Big Youth recorded Screaming Target, his debut full-length, one year later for Gussie Clarke. That album, along with a handful of 45s from the period, was largely responsible for bringing the DJ art form forward after U-Roy’s innovations. Here, in place of hip, jive-derived phrases, listeners find Big Youth ruminating on themes that exemplified the new consciousness of the 1970s. The set-opening title track, for instance, finds the DJ promoting literacy and general positivity, Youth-style, over K.C. White’s ‘No No No.’ Similarly, he chants down slavery and calls for equal pay for equal work on ‘Honesty’.”

“When people hear the term ‘island music,’ most immediately think of the reggae sound, and go no further in the thought process. Though the reggae style dominated for years, the reality is, like anywhere else in the world, there many other musical styles in play beyond just reggae. In many ways, the dancehall/dub style of music had more impact throughout the world than reggae, as it can be seen as the catalyst for the SKA movement, hip hop scene, and had a large influence on many areas of the punk scene as well. Though the dub style is based in reggae, and it often shares the political and social overtones, the dub style has its own distinctive feel, and produced its own list of music legends. Among this list is one of the loudest and most well respected voices in the history of Jamaican music, Big Youth. Though he gained the nickname long before he picked up a microphone, Big Youth (real name: Manley Augustus Buchanan) has one of the most distinctive sounds ever, and has been cited as an influence by artists across genres, perhaps most notably, The Clash. Setting the standard in vocal delivery, lyrical content, as well as DJing style and skills, few artists share as much talent as Big Youth, and his resulting albums remain some of the most stunning ever recorded. After gaining success though a few hit singles, Big Youth entered the studio and recorded his monumental 1972 debut record, Screaming Target.”
The Daily Guru

YouTube: Screaming Target, Pride and Joy Rock, Be Careful, Tipper Tone Rocking, One of these fine days, Screaming Target (Version), Solomon A Gunday, Honesty, I Am Alright,
Concrete Jungle

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