Herman Chin Loy – Aquarius Dub (1973)

“… It was 1968 when Ruddy Redwoods went to Duke Reids to cut the first dub plate but the engineer accidentally left the vocal track out. The instrumental track was played for the crowd at the dance that night and was a huge hit, so much so that Byron Lee when to King Tubby the next day to tell him he needed to make some instrumentals. King Tubby started playing around with the vocals and the instruments in the mix, leaving the vocals out, pumping up the bass, and basically early dub was born. But these instrumentals were not Dub. It wasn’t till Little Roy’s ‘Hard Fighter’ recorded in March 1971 was released that the first vocal record with a full dub version on the flip B side existed. Soon must singles had a dub version on the other side of the vocal side. The popularity was there and innovative Jamaican mixing engineers were ready to start the new age of Dub Albums. But the first so called dub albums were really instrumental albums since they did not contain any special effects or sampling.”
What is the First Dub Album? (Video – Jah Jah Dub)
“‘Aquarius Rock’ is a collection of twentyfour tracks by different artists produced by Herman Chin Loy in the mid 70’s. As happens with such collections, the Yardie-Reggae policy is that of fileing the release under the producer’s name. So here we are trying to tell the story of how ‘Augustus Pablo’ started a new sound with and by Augustus Pablo. Herman Chin Loy was born in 1948 in the Trelawny Parish.”
yardie’s reggae collection

YouTube: Vinyl Side 1, Vinyl Side 2


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