Glen Brown and King Tubby – Termination Dub (1973-79)

“Originally a singer, Glen Brown first ventured into production in the early ’70s, releasing his distinct creations through homegrown labels. However, financial constraints ultimately led to a lack of success, with Brown unable to press as many copies as he would undoubtedly have been able to sell. Regardless, he continued to produce, turning out a series of excellent records during the second half of the decade. The rhythms Brown oversaw during those years, as performed by drummers Carlton Barrett and Carlton ‘Santa’ Davis, bassists Aston Barrett and Lloyd Parks, organists Winston Wright and Earl Lindo, and many others of similar stature, stand up to virtually anything from the roots era. On record, they propelled performances by DJ Welton Irie and singers Sylford Walker, Wayne Jarrett, Glenroy Richards, and Brown himself. His supreme rhythms in their raw forms, without vocals, are impressive enough, but the mixing hand of King Tubby succeeded in taking them to another level, enhancing the producer’s work in fine fashion.”
YouTube: Termination Dub, Save out dub, Leggo The Herbman Dub, Away With the Bad / World Dub, Wicked Tumbling (Version), Dub Universal, Wicked Can’t Run This Dub, Assack Lawn No. 1 Dub (version 1), Father For The Living Dubwise, There’s Dub, Lambs Bread Dubwise, Melodica International Extended


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